Petra Sihombing 1992

Petra Sihombing - 1992 (Official Music Video)

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Name:Petra Sihombing - 1992 (Official Music Video)
Date:31 October 2018
Dis Like:1
Type:Youtube to Mp3
User:Petra Sihombing

Petra Sihombing - 1992 (Music Video)

1992 is a song by Petra Sihombing about thinking too much and not doing anything about it. Petra talks about his quarter-life crisis in a manner of self motivation, mentioning a specific time at his age of 23. He took the effort of writing this song in order to reflect on his life before 23, motivating himself to start working on his album ‘1/4’. This song is placed first on the album as an introduction to the whole story. All the recording took place in his bedroom, mixing synthesizers, chorused acoustic guitars, and drum machines.


Petra Sihombing as Himself & Utopist
Ariel Nurannisa as Time keeper & Fortune Teller
Zero as Good Buoy
Yulius Iskandar as Mr. Responsibility
Iqbal Surya Perdana as Awkward Fugitive
Bening Kanti as Sleepy Chernogyrl
Wicak as Angry Unemployment

Writer & Directed by : Raoul Adam
Cinematographer : Fianeza
Graphic implementation : Aulia Akbar & Dzikri
Set Design : Awoddowao
Assist Set Design : Alfian R Pahlevi & Iqbal Surya Perdana
Pixel Art Installation : Alrezky Caesaria
Editor & Color : Raoul Adam
Make Up Artist : Zarisya Vianadia Aziz
Stylist : Sin Aditya & Guffperdana
Hairdresser : Aditequalgori

All instruments performed by : Petra Sihombing

All instruments and vocals recorded at : Jembatan Studio by Petra Sihombing
Mixed and Mastered by : Harmoko Aguswan

Special Thanks to:
Jonathan Mono
Gang Nikmat
Kedai Cas
Flash Foundation Studio
Alrezky Caesaria
Kamilia Shaumil
Bening Kanti
Rabil Billy

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